GAD. The guy can talk.


Jeff Gadbois has recorded thousands of radio and television commercials. Besides being able to nail that copy the way you heard it in your head, he can be natural, funny, and spontaneous. His background in comedy and improvisation have led to lots of happy surprises in the studio. If radio's a competitive sport for you, he's won some biggies; Clios (as a writer and as a voice talent), Addies,  Radio Best and The London Advertising Awards, and Emmy, to name a few. 

Jeff is available anytime from "Studio Gad,"  his fully-equipped ISDN digital recording studio.

Whatever your voiceover needs, Jeff can get you the right read, and get it to you fast.


Other stuff.

K-Mart "1st Grade Dropout" (Clio-winner)

Kroger "Bleep" (Jeff's the stupid one)


TV VO's.

Papa John's


Breathe Right


Purina Puppy Chow Batteries Plus

Wehmann Talent - Minneapolis 612-333-6393

NV Talent - Chicago 312-563-0136

ProComm - Asheville 866-438-6423

GoVoices - Denver 303-623-2723

Tag Talent - Austin 512-930-9301